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public class: DataModelEvent [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

DataModelEvent represents an event of interest to registered listeners that occurred on the specified DataModel .

Fields inherited from java.util.EventObject:
 public DataModelEvent(DataModel model,
    int index,
    Object data) 

    Construct an event object that is associated with the specified row index and associated data.

    model - The DataModel on which this event occurred
    index - The zero relative row index for which this event occurred, or -1 for no specific row association
    data - Representation of the data for the row specified by index, or null for no particular row data
Method from javax.faces.model.DataModelEvent Summary:
getDataModel,   getRowData,   getRowIndex
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getSource,   toString
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Method from javax.faces.model.DataModelEvent Detail:
 public DataModel getDataModel() 
 public Object getRowData() 

    Return the object representing the data for the specified row index, or null for no associated row data.

 public int getRowIndex() 

    Return the row index for this event, or -1 for no specific row.