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  extended byjavax.ide.Service
Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class Service
extends java.lang.Object

Services provide access to distinct areas of functionality in the IDE for an extension developer.

Field Summary
private  boolean _initialized
private static java.util.Map _loadedServices
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
private static Service findService(java.lang.Class serviceClass)
protected static Service getService(java.lang.Class serviceClass)
          Get a service.
protected  void initialize()
          Initialize this manager.
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
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Field Detail


private boolean _initialized


private static final java.util.Map _loadedServices
Constructor Detail


public Service()
Method Detail


protected void initialize()
Initialize this manager. This is called the first time a manager is retrieved programmatically. The manager should process necessary information from the extension manifest to initialize itself.

This implementation does nothing.


private static Service findService(java.lang.Class serviceClass)
                            throws javax.ide.spi.ProviderNotFoundException


protected static Service getService(java.lang.Class serviceClass)
                             throws javax.ide.spi.ProviderNotFoundException
Get a service. This implementation looks for a META-INF/services/className resource on the classpath of the context classloader. If such a resource exists, it must contain the fully qualified class name of an implementation class of the specified class.