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javax.ide.editor.spi.* (3)

javax.ide.editor: Javadoc index of package javax.ide.editor.

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EditorManager: The EditorManager manages the life cycle of Editor s. It is also the registry of information about what editors can be used with particular documents. Clients use this class to open an editor on a javax.ide.model.Document . When clients request to open an editor on a specific document, the editor manager performs the following tasks: 1. Create an instance of the requested editor type. If no type is specified, create an instance of the preferred editor associated with the target document. 2. Call the 55 method passing the appropriate context. 3. Call the Editor.restore(java.util.prefs.Preferences) ...
EditorListener: The EditorListener interface should be implemented by clients that are interested in receiving notifications about Editor instances being opened, activated, deactivated, or closed in the IDE. This allows clients to attach to or detach from the given Editor for the purpose of providing extra functionality. For example, the debugger may use this for determining when a Code Editor is opened so that it can display the breakpoint icon locations properly. Clients should register listeners with the EditorManager singleton instance. When an editor is opened, the opened() method will be called. When an ...
EditorEvent: The DocumentEvent is the parameter passed to the EditorListener methods when the state of Editor has changed. The EditorEvent source is the editor instance whose state is changing. The convenience method getEditor() 55 can be used to retrieve the editor instance.
Editor: The Editor interface defines the methods to open and close editors, along with methods to save and restore editor specific settings. Extensions that introduce new editor types need to implement this interface. A new editor is introduced by declaring it in the extension deployment descriptor (EDD) file. There, the editor implementation class is associated with a unique string identifying the editor type.
EditorHook: Editor information gathered from processing the editor-hook section of an extension manifest. The information recorded here describes a new editor.
MappingInfo: Record of information identifying an editor class that can open documents of a particular class.
DisplayInfo: Display information for an editor class.

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