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Class FeatureRegistry  view FeatureRegistry download

  extended byjavax.ide.Service
      extended byjavax.ide.extension.spi.FeatureRegistry

public class FeatureRegistry
extends javax.ide.Service

The feature registry provides access to information about extensions which are declared as features in their extension manifest. It is only intended to be used by integrators writing IDE support for JSR198.

Field Summary
private  java.util.Map _features
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Feature getFeature(javax.ide.extension.Extension extension)
          Gets the feature corresponding to the specified extension.
static FeatureRegistry getFeatureRegistry()
protected  void initialize()
          Initialize this manager.
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Field Detail


private java.util.Map _features
Constructor Detail


public FeatureRegistry()
Method Detail


public Feature getFeature(javax.ide.extension.Extension extension)
Gets the feature corresponding to the specified extension.


protected void initialize()
Description copied from class: javax.ide.Service
Initialize this manager. This is called the first time a manager is retrieved programmatically. The manager should process necessary information from the extension manifest to initialize itself.

This implementation does nothing.


public static FeatureRegistry getFeatureRegistry()