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Uses of Interface

Uses of ExtensionSource in javax.ide.extension.spi

Classes in javax.ide.extension.spi that implement ExtensionSource
 class JARExtensionSource
          A default implementation of ExtensionSource which loads an extension manifest from the META-INF/extension.xml entry of a JAR file.

Fields in javax.ide.extension.spi declared as ExtensionSource
private  ExtensionSource DefaultExtension._source

Methods in javax.ide.extension.spi that return ExtensionSource
protected  ExtensionSource ExtensionVisitor.getSource(javax.ide.extension.ElementContext context)
 ExtensionSource DependencyTree.getSource(java.lang.String id)
          Get the source of an extension.
 ExtensionSource DefaultExtension.getSource()

Methods in javax.ide.extension.spi with parameters of type ExtensionSource
 void DefaultExtension.setSource(ExtensionSource source)