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  extended byjavax.ide.Service
      extended byjavax.ide.log.LogManager

public abstract class LogManager
extends javax.ide.Service

The LogManager provides the interface through which the IDE manipulates LogPages.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  void closePage(LogPage page)
          Close the specified page.
abstract  LogPage findPage(java.lang.String pageClass)
          Find the log page with the specified id.
static LogManager getLogManager()
          Get the log manager implementation for this IDE.
abstract  LogPage getMsgPage()
          Get the message page.
abstract  LogPage getSelectedPage()
          Gets the currently selected page.
protected  void initialize()
          Initialize this manager.
abstract  LogPage openPage(javax.ide.command.Context context, java.lang.String pageClass)
          Open and display the page identified by the given type identifier.
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Constructor Detail


public LogManager()
Method Detail


public abstract LogPage openPage(javax.ide.command.Context context,
                                 java.lang.String pageClass)
Open and display the page identified by the given type identifier.


public abstract LogPage findPage(java.lang.String pageClass)
Find the log page with the specified id.


public abstract void closePage(LogPage page)
Close the specified page.


public abstract LogPage getMsgPage()
Get the message page. The message page can be used as the default page to display textual messages for the user.


public abstract LogPage getSelectedPage()
Gets the currently selected page.


protected final void initialize()
Description copied from class: javax.ide.Service
Initialize this manager. This is called the first time a manager is retrieved programmatically. The manager should process necessary information from the extension manifest to initialize itself.

This implementation does nothing.


public static LogManager getLogManager()
Get the log manager implementation for this IDE.