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Package Samples: The menu registration classes that extension writers use to find information about actions and menus.  


Positionable: Menu model elements that can be positioned relative to other items of the same type are Positionable. They provide one of 'before' or 'after', or neither.
MenuHook: A MenuHook stores the extension manifest information pertaining to actions, menus, and toolbars.
PositionMap: A map that tracks Positionable items. Provides utilities for getting the items in their "resolved" order.
SectionContainer: Section Container is a container of sections. This corresponds to the sectionContainerType schema type.
PopupMenu: Represents a popup menu defined in the extension manifest.
MenuModel: The menu model retrieved from extension manifests.
MenuBar: A menu bar is an identified collection of Menus.
Section: A section is a collection of Items and Menus.
MenusVisitor: Visits the JSR-198 menu hook element.
MenuVisitor: Handler for menu in a menu bar.
SectionVisitor: Visitor for menu sections.
Item: A menu or toolbar item.

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