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Class TextDocument  view TextDocument download

  extended byjavax.ide.model.Element
      extended byjavax.ide.model.Document
          extended byjavax.ide.model.text.TextDocument

public class TextDocument
extends javax.ide.model.Document

The TextDocument class.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class javax.ide.model.Document
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
private  javax.ide.model.spi.TextDocumentImpl getTextDocumentImpl()
 TextModel getTextModel()
          Fetches the document contents.
Methods inherited from class javax.ide.model.Document
addDocumentListener, close, equals, getDisplayInfo, getElementImpl, getReader, getTimestamp, getURI, hashCode, isDirty, isNew, isOpen, isReadOnly, markDirty, open, removeDocumentListener, save, setDisplayInfo, setURI
Methods inherited from class javax.ide.model.Element
getIcon, getLabel, getLongLabel, getToolTip
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Constructor Detail


public TextDocument()
Method Detail


private javax.ide.model.spi.TextDocumentImpl getTextDocumentImpl()


public final TextModel getTextModel()
Fetches the document contents. This calls opens the document and loads its contents. The document instance returned lives while clients refer to it. Once a document instance is not referred by clients it may be garbage collected at any time.