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VirtualFileSystemHelper: The VirtualFileSystemHelper class specifies the VirtualFileSystem operations that may have scheme-specific handling. By default, the VirtualFileSystem delegates its operations to VirtualFileSystemHelper . However, a subclass of VirtualFileSystemHelper can be registered with the VirtualFileSystem to handle the VirtualFileSystem operations for a particular scheme. A helper class is registered through the VirtualFileSystem.registerHelper(String, VirtualFileSystemHelper) 55 method. Special implementation note : classes that extend VirtualFileSystemHelper must be completely thread-safe because a single ...
URIFactory: This class contains methods which create new instances of . In order for s to be used effectively as keys in a hashtable, the URI must be created in a very consistent manner. Therefore, when creating a new instance of , it is strongly recommended that you use one of the methods in this class rather than calling the constructor directly. This will help prevent subtle bugs that can come up when two instances that should be equal aren't equal (resulting in caching bugs) because of a difference in some detail of the URI that affects the ...
VirtualFileSystem: The VirtualFileSystem class is responsible for encapsulating the notion of file system operations on content that is pointed to by an . The behavior of VirtualFileSystem can be extended by subclasses of VirtualFileSystemHelper . An instance of VirtualFileSystemHelper is registered with VirtualFileSystem in association with a particular scheme. Scheme-specific behavior can thus be encapsulated by a specific implementation of VirtualFileSystemHelper . IDE implementations do not need to register an implementation of this service. The default registered implementation delegates most of ...
URIExistsTest: An instance of URIExistsTest registered with the VirtualFileSystem provides a way for the IDE to detect whether a particular URI is already in use.
URIPath: An instance of URIPath represents a path that is made up entirely of s. This can be a class path, source path, doc path, etc.
URIFilter: An instance of URIFilter can be used to select certain URIs out of a set of URIs.
VFSHook: The virtual file system hook.

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