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javax.ide.wizard.spi.* (2)

javax.ide.wizard: Javadoc index of package javax.ide.wizard.

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Wizard: The Wizard interface is used to implement javax.ide.model.Document creation wizards based dialogs. When a user completes the steps in a wizard, a new document is generally added to the current project. It is up to the individual IDEs to determine where users access these wizards.
WizardHook: Wizard information gathered from processing the wizard-hook section of an extension deployment descriptor. The information recorded here describes a new wizard and is generally given to the javax.ide.wizard.WizardManager for registration.
WizardInfo: Record of information identifying a wizard type. The information used to initialize this class comes from an Extension Deployment Descriptor (EDD). The information kept in this class includes the wizard label, icon, and brief description that can be displayed to the user.
WizardManager: The WizardManager provides the interface through which the IDE invokes Wizards.

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