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public interface: IIOWriteWarningListener [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

An interface used by ImageWriter implementations to notify callers of their image and thumbnail reading methods of warnings (non-fatal errors). Fatal errors cause the relevant read method to throw an IIOException.

Localization is handled by associating a Locale with each IIOWriteWarningListener as it is registered with an ImageWriter. It is up to the ImageWriter to provide localized messages.

Method from javax.imageio.event.IIOWriteWarningListener Summary:
Method from javax.imageio.event.IIOWriteWarningListener Detail:
 public  void warningOccurred(ImageWriter source,
    int imageIndex,
    String warning)
    Reports the occurence of a non-fatal error in encoding. Encoding will continue following the call to this method. The application may choose to display a dialog, print the warning to the console, ignore the warning, or take any other action it chooses.