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javax.imageio.metadata: Javadoc index of package javax.imageio.metadata.

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IIOMetadata: Represents metadata that describe an image or an image stream. Each ImageIO plugin will represent image data using an opaque object but all such objects should expose their internal information as a tree of IIOMetadataNodes. There are three formats of metadata that a plugin can support: a "native" format a custom format a standard plugin-neutral format If a plugin supports more than one format of metadata, the other formats can be retrieved by calling getMetadataFormatNames. The native format is used to transfer metadata from one image to another image of the same type, losslessly. The custom format ...
IIONodeList: Simple NodeList implementation for IIOMetadataNode.
IIONamedNodeMap: Simple NamedNodeMap class for IIOMetadataNode.
IIOAttr: Simple Attr node for metadata trees

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