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javax.imageio.plugins.jpeg: Javadoc index of package javax.imageio.plugins.jpeg.

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JPEGImageWriteParam: The JPEGImageWriteParam class can be used to specify tables and settings used in the JPEG encoding process. Encoding tables are taken from the metadata associated with the output stream, and failing that (if the metadata tables are null) from an instance of JPEGImageWriteParam. The default metadata uses the standard JPEG tables from the JPEGQTable and JPEGHuffmanTable classes. Non-null metadata tables override JPEGImageWriteParam tables. Compression settings range from 1.0, best compression, through 0.75, default compression, to 0.0, worst compression. A JPEGImageWriteParam instance is retrieved ...
JPEGImageReadParam: The JPEGImageReadParam class is only used to set JPEG decoding tables for streams that do not provide their own tables. If a stream does not provide tables and a custom JPEGImageReadParam is not provided, then the standard JPEG tables are used from the JPEGQTable and JPEGHuffmanTable classes. If a stream does provide decoding tables then JPEGImageReadParam will be ignored. JPEGImageReadParam cannot be used to retrieve the tables from a stream. Instead, use IIOMetadata for this purpose. A JPEGImageReadParam instance is retrieved from the built-in JPEG ImageReader using the getDefaultImageReadParam ...
JPEGQTable: The JPEGQTable class represents a quantization table that can be used to encode or decode a JPEG stream. The standard JPEG luminance and chrominance quantization tables are provided as static fields. Table entries are stored in natural order, not zig-zag order.
JPEGHuffmanTable: The JPEGHuffmanTable class represents a Huffman table read from a JPEG image file. The standard JPEG AC and DC chrominance and luminance values are provided as static fields.

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