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public class: MessagingException [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Direct Known Subclasses:
    StoreClosedException, ParseException, MessageRemovedException, NoSuchProviderException, SendFailedException, IllegalWriteException, AuthenticationFailedException, ReadOnlyFolderException, FolderClosedException, AddressException, MethodNotSupportedException, FolderNotFoundException, SearchException

The base class for all exceptions thrown by the Messaging classes
Fields inherited from java.lang.Exception:
 public MessagingException() 
 public MessagingException(String s) 
    Constructs a MessagingException with the specified detail message.
    s - the detail message
 public MessagingException(String s,
    Exception e) 
    Constructs a MessagingException with the specified Exception and detail message. The specified exception is chained to this exception.
Method from javax.mail.MessagingException Summary:
getCause,   getNextException,   setNextException,   toString
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fillInStackTrace,   getCause,   getLocalizedMessage,   getMessage,   getStackTrace,   initCause,   printStackTrace,   printStackTrace,   printStackTrace,   setStackTrace,   toString
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Method from javax.mail.MessagingException Detail:
 public synchronized Throwable getCause() 
    Overrides the getCause method of Throwable to return the next exception in the chain of nested exceptions.
 public synchronized Exception getNextException() 
    Get the next exception chained to this one. If the next exception is a MessagingException, the chain may extend further.
 public synchronized boolean setNextException(Exception ex) 
    Add an exception to the end of the chain. If the end is not a MessagingException, this exception cannot be added to the end.
 public synchronized String toString() 
    Override toString method to provide information on nested exceptions.