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public class: TransportEvent [javadoc | source]

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This class models Transport events.
Field Summary
public static final  int MESSAGE_DELIVERED    Message has been successfully delivered to all recipients by the transport firing this event. validSent[] contains all the addresses this transport sent to successfully. validUnsent[] and invalid[] should be null, 
public static final  int MESSAGE_NOT_DELIVERED    Message was not sent for some reason. validSent[] should be null. validUnsent[] may have addresses that are valid (but the message wasn't sent to them). invalid[] should likely contain invalid addresses. 
public static final  int MESSAGE_PARTIALLY_DELIVERED    Message was successfully sent to some recipients but not to all. validSent[] holds addresses of recipients to whom the message was sent. validUnsent[] holds valid addresses to which the message was not sent. invalid[] holds invalid addresses, if any. 
protected  int type    The event type.
protected transient  Address[] validSent     
protected transient  Address[] validUnsent     
protected transient  Address[] invalid     
protected transient  Message msg     
Fields inherited from java.util.EventObject:
 public TransportEvent(Transport transport,
    int type,
    Address[] validSent,
    Address[] validUnsent,
    Address[] invalid,
    Message msg) 
    transport - The Transport object
Method from javax.mail.event.TransportEvent Summary:
dispatch,   getInvalidAddresses,   getMessage,   getType,   getValidSentAddresses,   getValidUnsentAddresses
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getSource,   toString
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Method from javax.mail.event.TransportEvent Detail:
 public  void dispatch(Object listener) 
    Invokes the appropriate TransportListener method.
 public Address[] getInvalidAddresses() 
    Return the addresses to which this message could not be sent.
 public Message getMessage() 
    Get the Message object associated with this Transport Event.
 public int getType() 
    Return the type of this event.
 public Address[] getValidSentAddresses() 
    Return the addresses to which this message was sent succesfully.
 public Address[] getValidUnsentAddresses() 
    Return the addresses that are valid but to which this message was not sent.