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public class: ContentDisposition [javadoc | source]
This class represents a MIME ContentDisposition value. It provides methods to parse a ContentDisposition string into individual components and to generate a MIME style ContentDisposition string.
 public ContentDisposition() 
 public ContentDisposition(String s) throws ParseException 
    Constructor that takes a ContentDisposition string. The String is parsed into its constituents: dispostion and parameters. A ParseException is thrown if the parse fails.
    s - the ContentDisposition string.
    ParseException - if the parse fails.
    exception: ParseException - if the parse fails.
    since: JavaMail - 1.2
 public ContentDisposition(String disposition,
    ParameterList list) 
    disposition - disposition
    list - ParameterList
    since: JavaMail - 1.2
Method from javax.mail.internet.ContentDisposition Summary:
getDisposition,   getParameter,   getParameterList,   setDisposition,   setParameter,   setParameterList,   toString
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Method from javax.mail.internet.ContentDisposition Detail:
 public String getDisposition() 
    Return the disposition value.
 public String getParameter(String name) 
    Return the specified parameter value. Returns null if this parameter is absent.
 public ParameterList getParameterList() 
    Return a ParameterList object that holds all the available parameters. Returns null if no parameters are available.
 public  void setDisposition(String disposition) 
    Set the disposition. Replaces the existing disposition.
 public  void setParameter(String name,
    String value) 
    Set the specified parameter. If this parameter already exists, it is replaced by this new value.
 public  void setParameterList(ParameterList list) 
    Set a new ParameterList.
 public String toString() 
    Retrieve a RFC2045 style string representation of this ContentDisposition. Returns null if the conversion failed.