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Sub Packages:

javax.mail.event   Listeners and events for the JavaMail API.  
javax.mail.internet   Classes specific to Internet mail systems.  
javax.mail.search   Message search terms for the JavaMail API.  
javax.mail.util   Utility classes.  


MessageAware   An interface optionally implemented by DataSources to supply information to a DataContentHandler about the message context in which the data content object is operating.  code | html
MultipartDataSource   MultipartDataSource is a DataSource that contains body parts.  code | html
Part   The Part interface is the common base interface for Messages and BodyParts.  code | html
QuotaAwareStore   An interface implemented by Stores that support quotas.  code | html
UIDFolder   The UIDFolder interface is implemented by Folders that can support the "disconnected" mode of operation, by providing unique-ids for messages in the folder.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

Address   This abstract class models the addresses in a message.  code | html
BodyPart   This class models a Part that is contained within a Multipart.  code | html
Folder   Folder is an abstract class that represents a folder for mail messages.  code | html
Message   This class models an email message.  code | html
Multipart   Multipart is a container that holds multiple body parts.  code | html
Service   An abstract class that contains the functionality common to messaging services, such as stores and transports.  code | html
Store   An abstract class that models a message store and its access protocol, for storing and retrieving messages.  code | html
Transport   An abstract class that models a message transport.  code | html


AllTests     code | html
AuthenticationFailedException   This exception is thrown when the connect method on a Store or Transport object fails due to an authentication failure (e.g., bad user name or password).  code | html
Authenticator     code | html
EventQueue   Package private class used by Store & Folder to dispatch events.  code | html
EventQueue.QueueElement     code | html
FetchProfile   Clients use a FetchProfile to list the Message attributes that it wishes to prefetch from the server for a range of messages.

Messages obtained from a Folder are light-weight objects that typically start off as empty references to the actual messages. 

code | html
FetchProfile.Item   This inner class is the base class of all items that can be requested in a FetchProfile.  code | html
Flags   The Flags class represents the set of flags on a Message.  code | html
Flags.Flag   This inner class represents an individual system flag.  code | html
Folder.TerminatorEvent     code | html
FolderClosedException   This exception is thrown when a method is invoked on a Messaging object and the Folder that owns that object has died due to some reason.  code | html
FolderNotFoundException   This exception is thrown by Folder methods, when those methods are invoked on a non existent folder.  code | html
Header   The Header class stores a name/value pair to represent headers.  code | html
IllegalWriteException   The exception thrown when a write is attempted on a read-only attribute of any Messaging object.  code | html
Message.RecipientType   This inner class defines the types of recipients allowed by the Message class.  code | html
MessageContext   The context in which a piece of Message content is contained.  code | html
MessageRemovedException   The exception thrown when an invalid method is invoked on an expunged Message.  code | html
MessagingException   The base class for all exceptions thrown by the Messaging classes  code | html
MethodNotSupportedException   The exception thrown when a method is not supported by the implementation  code | html
NoSuchProviderException   This exception is thrown when Session attempts to instantiate a Provider that doesn't exist.  code | html
PasswordAuthentication     code | html
Provider   The Provider is a class that describes a protocol implementation.  code | html
Provider.Type   This inner class defines the Provider type.  code | html
Quota   This class represents a set of quotas for a given quota root.  code | html
Quota.Resource   An individual resource in a quota root.  code | html
ReadOnlyFolderException   This exception is thrown when an attempt is made to open a folder read-write access when the folder is marked read-only.  code | html
SendFailedException   This exception is thrown when the message cannot be sent.

The exception includes those addresses to which the message could not be sent as well as the valid addresses to which the message was sent and valid addresses to which the message was not sent. 

code | html
Service.TerminatorEvent     code | html
Session     code | html
SimpleFolder     code | html
SimpleTextMessage     code | html
StoreClosedException   This exception is thrown when a method is invoked on a Messaging object and the Store that owns that object has died due to some reason.  code | html
TestData   Copyright 2003-2004 The Apache Software Foundation Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.  code | html
UIDFolder.FetchProfileItem   A fetch profile item for fetching UIDs.  code | html
URLName   The name of a URL.  code | html

All Test Cases:

FlagsTest     code | html
HeaderTest     code | html
MessageContextTest     code | html
MessagingExceptionTest     code | html
PasswordAuthenticationTest     code | html
URLNameTest     code | html