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public class: AttributeChangeNotification [javadoc | source]

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Provides definitions of the attribute change notifications sent by MBeans.

It's up to the MBean owning the attribute of interest to create and send attribute change notifications when the attribute change occurs. So the NotificationBroadcaster interface has to be implemented by any MBean for which an attribute change is of interest.

Example: If an MBean called myMbean needs to notify registered listeners when its attribute:

String myString
is modified, myMbean creates and emits the following notification:
new AttributeChangeNotification(myMbean, sequenceNumber, timeStamp, msg, "myString", "String", oldValue, newValue);
Field Summary
public static final  String ATTRIBUTE_CHANGE    Notification type which indicates that the observed MBean attribute value has changed.
The value of this type string is jmx.attribute.change
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 public AttributeChangeNotification(Object source,
    long sequenceNumber,
    long timeStamp,
    String msg,
    String attributeName,
    String attributeType,
    Object oldValue,
    Object newValue) 
    Constructs an attribute change notification object. In addition to the information common to all notification, the caller must supply the name and type of the attribute, as well as its old and new values.
    source - The notification producer, that is, the MBean the attribute belongs to.
    sequenceNumber - The notification sequence number within the source object.
    timeStamp - The date at which the notification is being sent.
    msg - A String containing the message of the notification.
    attributeName - A String giving the name of the attribute.
    attributeType - A String containing the type of the attribute.
    oldValue - An object representing value of the attribute before the change.
    newValue - An object representing value of the attribute after the change.
Method from javax.management.AttributeChangeNotification Summary:
getAttributeName,   getAttributeType,   getNewValue,   getOldValue
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getMessage,   getSequenceNumber,   getTimeStamp,   getType,   getUserData,   setSequenceNumber,   setSource,   setTimeStamp,   setUserData,   toString
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getSource,   toString
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Method from javax.management.AttributeChangeNotification Detail:
 public String getAttributeName() 
    Gets the name of the attribute which has changed.
 public String getAttributeType() 
    Gets the type of the attribute which has changed.
 public Object getNewValue() 
    Gets the new value of the attribute which has changed.
 public Object getOldValue() 
    Gets the old value of the attribute which has changed.