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public interface: JDBCConnectionPoolStats [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Specifies the statistics provided by a JDBC connection pool.
Method from javax.management.j2ee.statistics.JDBCConnectionPoolStats Summary:
getCloseCount,   getCreateCount,   getFreePoolSize,   getPoolSize,   getWaitingThreadCount
Method from javax.management.j2ee.statistics.JDBCConnectionPoolStats Detail:
 public CountStatistic getCloseCount()
    Number of connections closed.
 public CountStatistic getCreateCount()
    Number of connections created.
 public BoundedRangeStatistic getFreePoolSize()
    Number of free connections in the pool.
 public BoundedRangeStatistic getPoolSize()
    Size of the connection pool.
 public RangeStatistic getWaitingThreadCount()
    Number of threads waiting for a connection.