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public interface: MonitorMBean [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    GaugeMonitorMBean, CounterMonitor, GaugeMonitor, Monitor, StringMonitorMBean, CounterMonitorMBean, StringMonitor

Exposes the remote management interface of monitor MBeans.
Method from javax.management.monitor.MonitorMBean Summary:
addObservedObject,   containsObservedObject,   getGranularityPeriod,   getObservedAttribute,   getObservedObject,   getObservedObjects,   isActive,   removeObservedObject,   setGranularityPeriod,   setObservedAttribute,   setObservedObject,   start,   stop
Method from javax.management.monitor.MonitorMBean Detail:
 public  void addObservedObject(ObjectName object) throws IllegalArgumentException
    Adds the specified object in the set of observed MBeans.
 public boolean containsObservedObject(ObjectName object)
    Tests whether the specified object is in the set of observed MBeans.
 public long getGranularityPeriod()
    Gets the granularity period (in milliseconds).
 public String getObservedAttribute()
    Gets the attribute being observed.
 public ObjectName getObservedObject()Deprecated! As -  of JMX 1.2, replaced by #getObservedObjects 

    Gets the object name of the object being observed.
 public ObjectName[] getObservedObjects()
    Returns an array containing the objects being observed.
 public boolean isActive()
    Tests if the monitor MBean is active. A monitor MBean is marked active when the start method is called. It becomes inactive when the stop method is called.
 public  void removeObservedObject(ObjectName object)
    Removes the specified object from the set of observed MBeans.
 public  void setGranularityPeriod(long period) throws IllegalArgumentException
    Sets the granularity period (in milliseconds).
 public  void setObservedAttribute(String attribute)
    Sets the attribute to observe.
 public  void setObservedObject(ObjectName object)Deprecated! As -  of JMX 1.2, replaced by #addObservedObject 

    Sets the object to observe identified by its object name.
 public  void start()
    Starts the monitor.
 public  void stop()
    Stops the monitor.