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public interface: OpenMBeanAttributeInfo [javadoc | source]

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Describes an attribute of an open MBean.

This interface declares the same methods as the class javax.management.MBeanAttributeInfo . A class implementing this interface (typically OpenMBeanAttributeInfoSupport ) should extend javax.management.MBeanAttributeInfo .

Method from javax.management.openmbean.OpenMBeanAttributeInfo Summary:
equals,   hashCode,   isIs,   isReadable,   isWritable,   toString
Method from javax.management.openmbean.OpenMBeanAttributeInfo Detail:
 public boolean equals(Object obj)
    Compares the specified obj parameter with this OpenMBeanAttributeInfo instance for equality.

    Returns true if and only if all of the following statements are true:

    • obj is non null,
    • obj also implements the OpenMBeanAttributeInfo interface,
    • their names are equal
    • their open types are equal
    • their access properties (isReadable, isWritable and isIs) are equal
    • their default, min, max and legal values are equal.
    This ensures that this equals method works properly for obj parameters which are different implementations of the OpenMBeanAttributeInfo interface.
 public int hashCode()
    Returns the hash code value for this OpenMBeanAttributeInfo instance.

    The hash code of an OpenMBeanAttributeInfo instance is the sum of the hash codes of all elements of information used in equals comparisons (ie: its name, its open type, and its default, min, max and legal values).

    This ensures that t1.equals(t2) implies that t1.hashCode()==t2.hashCode() for any two OpenMBeanAttributeInfo instances t1 and t2, as required by the general contract of the method Object.hashCode() .

 public boolean isIs()
    Returns true if the attribute described by this OpenMBeanAttributeInfo instance is accessed through a isXXX getter (applies only to boolean and Boolean values), false otherwise.
 public boolean isReadable()
    Returns true if the attribute described by this OpenMBeanAttributeInfo instance is readable, false otherwise.
 public boolean isWritable()
    Returns true if the attribute described by this OpenMBeanAttributeInfo instance is writable, false otherwise.
 public String toString()
    Returns a string representation of this OpenMBeanAttributeInfo instance.

    The string representation consists of the name of this class (ie javax.management.openmbean.OpenMBeanAttributeInfo), the string representation of the name and open type of the described attribute, and the string representation of its default, min, max and legal values.