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public class: Role [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Represents a role: includes a role name and referenced MBeans (via their ObjectNames). The role value is always represented as an ArrayList collection (of ObjectNames) to homogenize the access.

The serialVersionUID of this class is -279985518429862552L.

 public Role(String roleName,
    List<ObjectName> roleValue) throws IllegalArgumentException 

    Make a new Role object. No check is made that the ObjectNames in the role value exist in an MBean server. That check will be made when the role is set in a relation.

    roleName - role name
    roleValue - role value (List of ObjectName objects)
    IllegalArgumentException - if null parameter
    exception: IllegalArgumentException - if null parameter
Method from javax.management.relation.Role Summary:
clone,   getRoleName,   getRoleValue,   roleValueToString,   setRoleName,   setRoleValue,   toString
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Method from javax.management.relation.Role Detail:
 public Object clone() 
    Clone the role object.
 public String getRoleName() 
    Retrieves role name.
 public List<ObjectName> getRoleValue() 
    Retrieves role value.
 public static String roleValueToString(List<ObjectName> roleValue) throws IllegalArgumentException 
    Returns a string for the given role value.
 public  void setRoleName(String roleName) throws IllegalArgumentException 
    Sets role name.
 public  void setRoleValue(List<ObjectName> roleValue) throws IllegalArgumentException 
    Sets role value.
 public String toString() 
    Returns a string describing the role.