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public class: RoleUnresolved [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Represents an unresolved role: a role not retrieved from a relation due to a problem. It provides the role name, value (if problem when trying to set the role) and an integer defining the problem (constants defined in RoleStatus).

The serialVersionUID of this class is -48350262537070138L.

 public RoleUnresolved(String name,
    List<ObjectName> value,
    int pbType) throws IllegalArgumentException 
    name - name of the role
    value - value of the role (if problem when setting the role)
    pbType - type of problem (according to known problem types, listed as static final members).
    IllegalArgumentException - if null parameter or incorrect problem type
    exception: IllegalArgumentException - if null parameter or incorrect problem type
Method from javax.management.relation.RoleUnresolved Summary:
clone,   getProblemType,   getRoleName,   getRoleValue,   setProblemType,   setRoleName,   setRoleValue,   toString
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Method from javax.management.relation.RoleUnresolved Detail:
 public Object clone() 
    Clone this object.
 public int getProblemType() 
    Retrieves problem type.
 public String getRoleName() 
    Retrieves role name.
 public List<ObjectName> getRoleValue() 
    Retrieves role value.
 public  void setProblemType(int pbType) throws IllegalArgumentException 
    Sets problem type.
 public  void setRoleName(String name) throws IllegalArgumentException 
    Sets role name.
 public  void setRoleValue(List<ObjectName> value) 
    Sets role value.
 public String toString() 
    Return a string describing this object.