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public class: StringRefAddr [javadoc | source]

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This class represents the string form of the address of a communications end-point. It consists of a type that describes the communication mechanism and a string contents specific to that communication mechanism. The format and interpretation of the address type and the contents of the address are based on the agreement of three parties: the client that uses the address, the object/server that can be reached using the address, and the administrator or program that creates the address.

An example of a string reference address is a host name. Another example of a string reference address is a URL.

A string reference address is immutable: once created, it cannot be changed. Multithreaded access to a single StringRefAddr need not be synchronized.

Fields inherited from javax.naming.RefAddr:
 public StringRefAddr(String addrType,
    String addr) 
    Constructs a new instance of StringRefAddr using its address type and contents.
    addrType - A non-null string describing the type of the address.
    addr - The possibly null contents of the address in the form of a string.
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Method from javax.naming.StringRefAddr Detail:
 public Object getContent() 
    Retrieves the contents of this address. The result is a string.