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public class: NamingExceptionEvent [javadoc | source]

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This class represents an event fired when the procedures/processes used to collect information for notifying listeners of NamingEvents threw a NamingException. This can happen, for example, if the server which the listener is using aborts subsequent to the addNamingListener() call.
Fields inherited from java.util.EventObject:
 public NamingExceptionEvent(EventContext source,
    NamingException exc) 
    Constructs an instance of NamingExceptionEvent using the context in which the NamingException was thrown and the exception that was thrown.
    source - The non-null context in which the exception was thrown.
    exc - The non-null NamingException that was thrown.
Method from javax.naming.event.NamingExceptionEvent Summary:
dispatch,   getEventContext,   getException
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getSource,   toString
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Method from javax.naming.event.NamingExceptionEvent Detail:
 public  void dispatch(NamingListener listener) 
    Invokes the namingExceptionThrown() method on a listener using this event.
 public EventContext getEventContext() 
    Retrieves the EventContext that fired this event. This returns the same object as EventObject.getSource().
 public NamingException getException() 
    Retrieves the exception that was thrown.