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javax.naming: Javadoc index of package javax.naming.

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Name: Interface descriping a name build up from different components. The components are represented as String s which are ordered from most significant to least significant. There are methods to get the number of components. Methods to get a particular component or group of components. Components can be added as String s or Name s and a component can be removed from any position in the Name . A Name can be compared to another Name and it can be checked if a particular Name starts or ends with the same components as another Name . Finally Name s can be serialized and cloned. Since Name s can be empty ...
RefAddr: Abstract superclass of addresses used in References. A Reference object contains a Vector of RefAddr s which are used to reference/address the object. This abstract superclass keeps track of the type of address, which will be returned by getType() . And defines a abstract method getContent() which must be implemented in concrete subclasses such as BinaryRefAddr and StringRefAddr .
NamingException: Superclass of all naming Exceptions. Can contain extra information about the root cause of this exception (for example when the original exception was not a subclass of NamingException ), the part of the Name that could be resolved (including the Object it resolved to) and the part of the Name that could not be resolved when the exception occured.
NameClassPair: NameClassPair represents the name-classname mapping pair of a binding in a context. Bindings are mappings of a name to an object and this class is used to specify the mapping of the name to the class type of the bound object. As classname the fully qualified classname is used.
Binding: Binding represents the name-object mapping of a binding in a context. Bindings are mappings of a name to an object and this class is used to specify such mappings. The bindings of a context are retrieved by the Context#listBindings() methods.
InvalidNameException: Exception indicating an invalid component or Name . Thrown when a Name or component of a name is encountered that does not follow the syntactic rules of a particular Name class.
BinaryRefAddr: RefAddr that uses a byte array as content. This can be used to reference objects that can only be represented as byte arrays.
StringRefAddr: RefAddr that uses a String as content. This can for example be used to address things through URLs.

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