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public static enum class: SSLEngineResult.HandshakeStatus [javadoc | source]
An SSLEngineResult enum describing the current handshaking state of this SSLEngine.
Field Summary
public static  HandshakeStatus NOT_HANDSHAKING    The SSLEngine is not currently handshaking. 
public static  HandshakeStatus FINISHED    The SSLEngine has just finished handshaking.

This value is only generated by a call to SSLEngine.wrap()/unwrap() when that call finishes a handshake. It is never generated by SSLEngine.getHandshakeStatus().

    Also see:
    SSLEngine#wrap(ByteBuffer, ByteBuffer)
    SSLEngine#unwrap(ByteBuffer, ByteBuffer)
public static  HandshakeStatus NEED_TASK    The SSLEngine needs the results of one (or more) delegated tasks before handshaking can continue.
    Also see:
public static  HandshakeStatus NEED_WRAP    The SSLEngine must send data to the remote side before handshaking can continue, so SSLEngine.wrap() should be called.
    Also see:
    SSLEngine#wrap(ByteBuffer, ByteBuffer)
public static  HandshakeStatus NEED_UNWRAP    The SSLEngine needs to receive data from the remote side before handshaking can continue.