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public interface: URIException [javadoc | source] Interface URIException is a mixin interface which a subclass of PrintException can implement to report an error condition involving a URI address. The Print Service API does not define any print exception classes that implement interface URIException, that being left to the Print Service implementor's discretion.
Field Summary
public static final  int URIInaccessible    Indicates that the printer cannot access the URI address. For example, the printer might report this error if it goes to get the print data and cannot even establish a connection to the URI address. 
public static final  int URISchemeNotSupported    Indicates that the printer does not support the URI scheme ("http", "ftp", etc.) in the URI address. 
public static final  int URIOtherProblem    Indicates any kind of problem not specifically identified by the other reasons. 
Method from javax.print.URIException Summary:
getReason,   getUnsupportedURI
Method from javax.print.URIException Detail:
 public int getReason()
    Return the reason for the event.
 public URI getUnsupportedURI()
    Return the URI.