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public final class: Destination [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    PrintJobAttribute, PrintRequestAttribute, Cloneable, Serializable

Class Destination is a printing attribute class, a URI, that is used to indicate an alternate destination for the spooled printer formatted data. Many PrintServices will not support the notion of a destination other than the printer device, and so will not support this attribute.

A common use for this attribute will be applications which want to redirect output to a local disk file : eg."file:out.prn". Note that proper construction of "file:" scheme URI instances should be performed using the toURI() method of class File . See the documentation on that class for more information.

If a destination URI is specified in a PrintRequest and it is not accessible for output by the PrintService, a PrintException will be thrown. The PrintException may implement URIException to provide a more specific cause.

IPP Compatibility: Destination is not an IPP attribute.

 public Destination(URI uri) 
    Constructs a new destination attribute with the specified URI.
    uri - URI.
    NullPointerException - (unchecked exception) Thrown if uri is null.
    exception: NullPointerException - (unchecked exception) Thrown if uri is null.
Method from javax.print.attribute.standard.Destination Summary:
equals,   getCategory,   getName
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equals,   getURI,   hashCode,   toString
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Method from javax.print.attribute.standard.Destination Detail:
 public boolean equals(Object object) 
    Returns whether this destination attribute is equivalent to the passed in object. To be equivalent, all of the following conditions must be true:
    1. object is not null.
    2. object is an instance of class Destination.
    3. This destination attribute's URI and object's URI are equal.
 public final Class<Attribute> getCategory() 
    Get the printing attribute class which is to be used as the "category" for this printing attribute value.

    For class Destination, the category is class Destination itself.

 public final String getName() 
    Get the name of the category of which this attribute value is an instance.

    For class Destination, the category name is "spool-data-destination".