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abstract public interface: SaslClientFactory [javadoc | source] An interface for creating instances of SaslClient. A class that implements this interface must be thread-safe and handle multiple simultaneous requests. It must also have a public constructor that accepts no argument.

This interface is not normally accessed directly by a client, which will use the Sasl static methods instead. However, a particular environment may provide and install a new or different SaslClientFactory.

Method from javax.security.sasl.SaslClientFactory Summary:
createSaslClient,   getMechanismNames
Method from javax.security.sasl.SaslClientFactory Detail:
 abstract public SaslClient createSaslClient(String[] mechanisms,
    String authorizationId,
    String protocol,
    String serverName,
    Map<String, ?> props,
    CallbackHandler cbh) throws SaslException
    Creates a SaslClient using the parameters supplied.
 abstract public String[] getMechanismNames(Map<String, ?> props)
    Returns an array of names of mechanisms that match the specified mechanism selection policies.