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public final class: ErrorData [javadoc | source]
Contains information about an error, for error pages. The information contained in this instance is meaningless if not used in the context of an error page. To indicate a JSP is an error page, the page author must set the isErrorPage attribute of the page directive to "true".
 public ErrorData(Throwable throwable,
    int statusCode,
    String uri,
    String servletName) 
    Creates a new ErrorData object.
    throwable - The Throwable that is the cause of the error
    statusCode - The status code of the error
    uri - The request URI
    servletName - The name of the servlet invoked
Method from javax.servlet.jsp.ErrorData Summary:
getRequestURI,   getServletName,   getStatusCode,   getThrowable
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Method from javax.servlet.jsp.ErrorData Detail:
 public String getRequestURI() 
    Returns the request URI.
 public String getServletName() 
    Returns the name of the servlet invoked.
 public int getStatusCode() 
    Returns the status code of the error.
 public Throwable getThrowable() 
    Returns the Throwable that caused the error.