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public interface: JspApplicationContext [javadoc | source]

Stores application-scoped information for the JSP container.

Method from javax.servlet.jsp.JspApplicationContext Summary:
addELContextListener,   addELResolver,   getExpressionFactory
Method from javax.servlet.jsp.JspApplicationContext Detail:
 public  void addELContextListener(ELContextListener listener)

    Registers an ELContextListener that will notified whenever a new ELContext is created.

    At the very least, any ELContext instantiated will have reference to the JspContext under JspContext.class.

 public  void addELResolver(ELResolver resolver) throws IllegalStateException

    Adds an ELResolver to the chain of EL variable and property management within JSP pages and Tag files.

    JSP has a default set of ELResolvers to chain for all EL evaluation:

    • ImplicitObjectELResolver
    • ELResolver instances registered with this method
    • MapELResolver
    • ListELResolver
    • ArrayELResolver
    • BeanELResolver
    • ScopedAttributeELResolver

 public ExpressionFactory getExpressionFactory()

    Returns the JSP container's ExpressionFactory implementation for EL use.