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public class: ScriptFreeTLV [javadoc | source]

A TagLibraryValidator for enforcing restrictions against the use of JSP scripting elements.

This TLV supports four initialization parameters, for controlling which of the four types of scripting elements are allowed or prohibited:

The default value for all for initialization parameters is false, indicating all forms of scripting elements are to be prohibited.

 public ScriptFreeTLV() 
Method from javax.servlet.jsp.jstl.tlv.ScriptFreeTLV Summary:
setInitParameters,   validate
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getInitParameters,   release,   setInitParameters,   validate
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Method from javax.servlet.jsp.jstl.tlv.ScriptFreeTLV Detail:
 public  void setInitParameters(Map<String, Object> initParms) 
    Sets the values of the initialization parameters, as supplied in the TLD.
 public ValidationMessage[] validate(String prefix,
    String uri,
    PageData page) 
    Validates a single JSP page.