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public class: TagData [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

The (translation-time only) attribute/value information for a tag instance.

TagData is only used as an argument to the isValid, validate, and getVariableInfo methods of TagExtraInfo, which are invoked at translation time.
Field Summary
public static final  Object REQUEST_TIME_VALUE    Distinguished value for an attribute to indicate its value is a request-time expression (which is not yet available because TagData instances are used at translation-time). 
 public TagData(Object[][] atts) 
    Constructor for TagData.

    A typical constructor may be

    static final Object[][] att = {{"connection", "conn0"}, {"id", "query0"}};
    static final TagData td = new TagData(att);
    All values must be Strings except for those holding the distinguished object REQUEST_TIME_VALUE.
    atts - the static attribute and values. May be null.
 public TagData(Hashtable<String, Object> attrs) 
    Constructor for a TagData. If you already have the attributes in a hashtable, use this constructor.
    attrs - A hashtable to get the values from.
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getAttribute,   getAttributeString,   getAttributes,   getId,   setAttribute
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Method from javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.TagData Detail:
 public Object getAttribute(String attName) 
    The value of the attribute. If a static value is specified for an attribute that accepts a request-time attribute expression then that static value is returned, even if the value is provided in the body of a action. The distinguished object REQUEST_TIME_VALUE is only returned if the value is specified as a request-time attribute expression or via the <jsp:attribute> action with a body that contains dynamic content (scriptlets, scripting expressions, EL expressions, standard actions, or custom actions). Returns null if the attribute is not set.
 public String getAttributeString(String attName) 
    Get the value for a given attribute.
 public Enumeration<String> getAttributes() 
    Enumerates the attributes.
 public String getId() 
    The value of the tag's id attribute.
 public  void setAttribute(String attName,
    Object value) 
    Set the value of an attribute.