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public class: TagFileInfo [javadoc | source]
Tag information for a tag file in a Tag Library; This class is instantiated from the Tag Library Descriptor file (TLD) and is available only at translation time.
 public TagFileInfo(String name,
    String path,
    TagInfo tagInfo) 
    Constructor for TagFileInfo from data in the JSP 2.0 format for TLD. This class is to be instantiated only from the TagLibrary code under request from some JSP code that is parsing a TLD (Tag Library Descriptor). Note that, since TagLibraryInfo reflects both TLD information and taglib directive information, a TagFileInfo instance is dependent on a taglib directive. This is probably a design error, which may be fixed in the future.
    name - The unique action name of this tag
    path - Where to find the .tag file implementing this action, relative to the location of the TLD file.
    tagInfo - The detailed information about this tag, as parsed from the directives in the tag file.
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getName,   getPath,   getTagInfo
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Method from javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.TagFileInfo Detail:
 public String getName() 
    The unique action name of this tag.
 public String getPath() 
    Where to find the .tag file implementing this action.
 public TagInfo getTagInfo() 
    Returns information about this tag, parsed from the directives in the tag file.