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public class: TagVariableInfo [javadoc | source]
Variable information for a tag in a Tag Library; This class is instantiated from the Tag Library Descriptor file (TLD) and is available only at translation time. This object should be immutable. This information is only available in JSP 1.2 format TLDs or above.
 public TagVariableInfo(String nameGiven,
    String nameFromAttribute,
    String className,
    boolean declare,
    int scope) 
    Constructor for TagVariableInfo.
    nameGiven - value of <name-given>
    nameFromAttribute - value of <name-from-attribute>
    className - value of <variable-class>
    declare - value of <declare>
    scope - value of <scope>
Method from javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.TagVariableInfo Summary:
getClassName,   getDeclare,   getNameFromAttribute,   getNameGiven,   getScope
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Method from javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.TagVariableInfo Detail:
 public String getClassName() 
    The body of the <variable-class> element.
 public boolean getDeclare() 
    The body of the <declare> element.
 public String getNameFromAttribute() 
    The body of the <name-from-attribute> element. This is the name of an attribute whose (translation-time) value will give the name of the variable. One of <name-given> or <name-from-attribute> is required.
 public String getNameGiven() 
    The body of the <name-given> element.
 public int getScope() 
    The body of the <scope> element.