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abstract public class: CompoundControl [javadoc | source]
A CompoundControl, such as a graphic equalizer, provides control over two or more related properties, each of which is itself represented as a Control.
Nested Class Summary:
public static class  CompoundControl.Type  An instance of the CompoundControl.Type inner class identifies one kind of compound control. Static instances are provided for the common types. 
 protected CompoundControl(Type type,
    Control[] memberControls) 
    Constructs a new compound control object with the given parameters.
    type - the type of control represented this compound control object
    memberControls - the set of member controls
Method from javax.sound.sampled.CompoundControl Summary:
getMemberControls,   toString
Methods from javax.sound.sampled.Control:
getType,   toString
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Method from javax.sound.sampled.CompoundControl Detail:
 public Control[] getMemberControls() 
    Returns the set of member controls that comprise the compound control.
 public String toString() 
    Provides a string representation of the control