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public interface: Port [javadoc | source]

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Ports are simple lines for input or output of audio to or from audio devices. Common examples of ports that act as source lines (mixer inputs) include the microphone, line input, and CD-ROM drive. Ports that act as target lines (mixer outputs) include the speaker, headphone, and line output. You can access port using a Port.Info object.
Nested Class Summary:
public static class  Port.Info  The Port.Info class extends {@link Line.Info} with additional information specific to ports, including the port's name and whether it is a source or a target for its mixer. By definition, a port acts as either a source or a target to its mixer, but not both. (Audio input ports are sources; audio output ports are targets.)

To learn what ports are available, you can retrieve port info objects through the {@link Mixer#getSourceLineInfo getSourceLineInfo} and {@link Mixer#getTargetLineInfo getTargetLineInfo} methods of the Mixer interface. Instances of the Port.Info class may also be constructed and used to obtain lines matching the parameters specified in the Port.Info object.