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javax.sound.sampled.spi.* (4)

javax.sound.sampled: Javadoc index of package javax.sound.sampled.

Package Samples:



AudioFileReader: This abstract class defines the interface to audio file readers. A concrete provider subclass will implement the methods declared here. These methods can be used to determine the format of files, and to retrieve an AudioInputStream for a file.
FormatConversionProvider: A format conversion provider supplies methods for converting between different audio formats. This abstract class defines the interface to this functionality; concrete subclasses will implement the methods declared here.
AudioInputStream: This is an InputStream which is specialized for reading audio files. In particular it only allows operations to act on a multiple of the audio stream's frame size.
AudioSystem: This clas is the primary interface to the audio system. It contains a number of static methods which can be used to access this package's functionality.
DataLine: The DataLine interface adds data-related functionality to the Line interface. For example, it adds methods to start and stop the data on the line.
MixerProvider: This abstract class defines an interface to mixer providers. Concrete subclasses will implement the methods in this class.
AudioFileWriter: This abstract class provides an API for writing audio files. Concrete subclasses implement the methods declared here.
AudioFileFormat: This describes an audio file, including information about its length, the format of the audio data, and other things.
AudioPermission: This represents the permission to use an audio device. The only predefined permission names are "play" and "record".
AudioFormat: This class describes an audio format, including its encoding, the number of channels, its frame rate, etc.
UnsupportedAudioFileException: An exception of this type is thrown when an operation is attempted on a file whose format is unrecognized.
LineListener: This interface is used by classes which wish to be notified when the state of a Line changes.
Control: A control provides the ability to affect some attribute of a line, for instance its volume.
Port: A Port is a Line which represents an audio device, for instance a microphone.
EnumControl: An EnumControl is a Control which can take one of a specified set of values.
ReverbType: This represents a reverb effect which can be applied to an audio signal.
CompoundControl: A compound control provides control over several other controls.
LineEvent: This class holds information about a state change of a Line.
Line: A Line represents a single input or output audio line.
Mixer: A Mixer is a Line which itself holds multiple lines.
BooleanControl: A BooleanControl is a Control which has two states.
SourceDataLine: This is a DataLine to which data may be written.
TargetDataLine: This is a DataLine from which data may be read.

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