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protected class: JLabel.AccessibleJLabel [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    AccessibleText, AccessibleExtendedComponent

The class used to obtain the accessible role for this object.

Warning: Serialized objects of this class will not be compatible with future Swing releases. The current serialization support is appropriate for short term storage or RMI between applications running the same version of Swing. As of 1.4, support for long term storage of all JavaBeansTM has been added to the java.beans package. Please see java.beans.XMLEncoder .
Nested Class Summary:
class  AccessibleJLabel.LabelKeyBinding   
Method from javax.swing.JLabel$AccessibleJLabel Summary:
getAccessibleExtendedComponent,   getAccessibleIcon,   getAccessibleKeyBinding,   getAccessibleName,   getAccessibleRelationSet,   getAccessibleRole,   getAccessibleText,   getAfterIndex,   getAtIndex,   getBeforeIndex,   getCaretPosition,   getCharCount,   getCharacterAttribute,   getCharacterBounds,   getIndexAtPoint,   getSelectedText,   getSelectionEnd,   getSelectionStart,   getTitledBorderText,   getToolTipText
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Method from javax.swing.JLabel$AccessibleJLabel Detail:
 AccessibleExtendedComponent getAccessibleExtendedComponent() 
    Returns the AccessibleExtendedComponent
 public AccessibleIcon[] getAccessibleIcon() 
    Get the AccessibleIcons associated with this object if one or more exist. Otherwise return null.
 public AccessibleKeyBinding getAccessibleKeyBinding() 
    Returns key bindings associated with this object
 public String getAccessibleName() 
    Get the accessible name of this object.
 public AccessibleRelationSet getAccessibleRelationSet() 
    Get the AccessibleRelationSet associated with this object if one exists. Otherwise return null.
 public AccessibleRole getAccessibleRole() 
    Get the role of this object.
 public AccessibleText getAccessibleText() 
 public String getAfterIndex(int part,
    int index) 
    Returns the String after a given index.
 public String getAtIndex(int part,
    int index) 
    Returns the String at a given index.
 public String getBeforeIndex(int part,
    int index) 
    Returns the String before a given index.
 public int getCaretPosition() 
    Return the zero-based offset of the caret. Note: That to the right of the caret will have the same index value as the offset (the caret is between two characters).
 public int getCharCount() 
    Return the number of characters (valid indicies)
 public AttributeSet getCharacterAttribute(int i) 
    Return the AttributeSet for a given character at a given index
 public Rectangle getCharacterBounds(int i) 
    Determine the bounding box of the character at the given index into the string. The bounds are returned in local coordinates. If the index is invalid an empty rectangle is returned.
 public int getIndexAtPoint(Point p) 
    Given a point in local coordinates, return the zero-based index of the character under that Point. If the point is invalid, this method returns -1.
 public String getSelectedText() 
    Returns the portion of the text that is selected.
 public int getSelectionEnd() 
    Returns the end offset within the selected text. If there is no selection, but there is a caret, the start and end offsets will be the same.
 public int getSelectionStart() 
    Returns the start offset within the selected text. If there is no selection, but there is a caret, the start and end offsets will be the same.
 public String getTitledBorderText() 
    Returns the titled border text
 public String getToolTipText() 
    Returns the tool tip text