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Package javax.swing.border

Provides a collection of cross-platform user interface components.


Interface Summary
Border An public interface for decorative or spacing borders around a Component.

Class Summary
AbstractBorder An invisible zero-width border, serving as a base class for implementing more interesting borders.
BevelBorder A rectangular, two pixel thick border that causes the enclosed area to appear as if it was raising out of or lowered into the screen.
CompoundBorder A Border that is composed of an interior and an exterior border, where the interior border is tightly nested into the exterior.
EmptyBorder A border for leaving a specifiable number of pixels empty around the enclosed component.
EtchedBorder A border that looks like an engraving etched into the background surface, or (in its raised variant) coming out of the surface plane.
LineBorder A border that consists of a line whose thickness and color can be specified.
MatteBorder A border that is filled with either a solid color or with repeated icon tiles.
SoftBevelBorder A rectangular, three pixel thick border that looks like a BevelBorder with slightly softened corners.
TitledBorder A border that paints a title on top of another border.
TitledBorder.Measurements A private helper class for holding the result of measuring the distances of a TitledBorder.

Package javax.swing.border Description

Provides a collection of cross-platform user interface components.