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Package javax.swing

Interface Summary
Action Provides a convenient central point of control for some task that can be triggered by more than one control in a Swing user interface (for example, a menu item and a toolbar button).
BoundedRangeModel The data model that represents a range that is constrained to fit within specified bounds.
ButtonModel The data model that is used in all kinds of buttons.
CellEditor Provides edit capabilities for components that display cells like JTable, JList and JTree.
ComboBoxEditor Provides edit capabilities for JComboBoxes.
ComboBoxModel The data model for a JComboBox.
DesktopManager DesktopManagers are responsible for implementing the behaviours for the JInternalFrames that belong to JDesktopPanes.
Icon Defines the methods that an object must implement if it should be used as an icon in Swing.
JComboBox.KeySelectionManager Classes implementing this interface are responsible for matching key characters typed by the user with combo box's items.
ListCellRenderer Renders the cells of a JList.
ListModel The data model that is typically used in JList.
ListSelectionModel The model that is used in JList to define the selected/not-selected cells of that list.
MenuElement Defines the methods that any menu element in a JMenu must implement.
MutableComboBoxModel A data model used in JComboBoxes that keeps track of the components data and provides methods to insert and remove elements from it.
Renderer This interface is not used and exists only for compatibility.
RootPaneContainer Components that contain a single JRootPane as only child implement this interface, typically this is implemented by the Swing top-level containers.
Scrollable Defines the method that a component should implement to behave nicely in JScrollPanes.
ScrollPaneConstants Defines some constants that are used in JScrollPane and related components.
SingleSelectionModel A data model that is used in components that support at most one selected element, like JTabbedPane, JMenu and JPopupMenu.
SpinnerModel The data model that is used in JSpinners.
SwingConstants Defines constant values that are used throughout the Swing packages.
UIDefaults.ActiveValue Used for lazy instantiation of UIDefaults values so that they are not all loaded when a Swing application starts up, but only the values that are really needed.
UIDefaults.LazyValue Used for lazy instantiation of UIDefaults values so that they are not all loaded when a Swing application starts up, but only the values that are really needed.
WindowConstants Defines some constants that are used in Swing's top-level containers.

Class Summary
AbstractAction A base class for implementing the Action interface.
AbstractButton Provides an abstract implementation of common button behaviour, data model and look & feel.
AbstractCellEditor An abstract superclass for table and tree cell editors.
AbstractListModel Provides standard implementations of some methods in ListModel.
AbstractSet Empty
AbstractSpinnerModel Provides standard implementations for some of the methods in SpinnerModel.
ActionMap Maps arbitrary keys (usually Strings) to Action instances.
BorderFactory A factory for commonly used borders.
Box A component that uses a BoxLayout as Layout Manager.
Box.Filler A component that servers as a filler in BoxLayout controlled containers.
BoxLayout A layout that stacks the children of a container in a Box, either horizontally or vertically.
ButtonGroup Logically groups a set of buttons, so that only one of the buttons in a ButtonGroup can be selected at the same time.
CellRendererPane Paints the cells of JList, JTable and JTree.
CompatibilityFocusTraversalPolicy Provides compatibility to the older focus API in JComponent.setNextFocusableComponent(Component) 55 .
ComponentInputMap An InputMap that is associated with a particular JComponent.
DebugGraphics An extension of java.awt.Graphics that can be used for debugging custom Swing widgets.
DefaultBoundedRangeModel The default implementation of BoundedRangeModel.
DefaultButtonModel The default implementation of ButtonModel.
DefaultCellEditor The default implementation of javax.swing.table.TableCellEditor and javax.swing.tree.TreeCellEditor.
DefaultComboBoxModel A model that stores a list of elements and a selected item (which may be null).
DefaultDesktopManager The default implementation of DesktopManager for Swing.
DefaultFocusManager This class has been obsoleted by the new java.awt.KeyboardFocusManager and java.awt.DefaultKeyboardFocusManager API.
DefaultListCellRenderer The default implementation ListCellRenderer.
DefaultListCellRenderer.UIResource Subclasses DefaultListCellRenderers and implements javax.swing.plaf.UIResource.
DefaultListModel The default implementation of AbstractListModel, used by JList and similar objects as the model of a list of values.
DefaultListSelectionModel The default implementation of ListSelectionModel, which is used by JList and similar classes to manage the selection status of a number of data elements.
DefaultSingleSelectionModel The default implementation of SingleSelectionModel, used in JTabbedPane, JMenuBar and JPopupMenu.
FocusManager This class has been obsoleted by the new java.awt.KeyboardFocusManager and java.awt.DefaultKeyboardFocusManager API.
FocusManager.WrappingFocusManager A FocusManager that wraps an AWT KeyboardFocusManager and forwards all method calls to it.
GrayFilter Produces grayscale images out of colored images.
ImageIcon An ImageIcon.AccessibleImageIcon implementation that is backed by an java.awt.Image.
InputMap Maps KeyStrokes to arbitrary objects, usually Strings.
InputVerifier Verifies the user input on a component before the focus is shifted.
InternalFrameFocusTraversalPolicy A java.awt.FocusTraversalPolicy that provides the additional capability to determine a JInternalFrame's initially focused component when it is selected.
JApplet A top-level container that is usually used in web browsers.
JButton A general purpose push button.
JCheckBox A small box that displays a check or not, depending on it's selected state.
JCheckBoxMenuItem A menu item that displays a checkbox.
JColorChooser A Swing widget that offers users different ways to select a color.
JColorChooser.DefaultOKCancelListener A helper class that hides a JDialog when the action is performed.
JColorChooser.DefaultResetListener This method resets the JColorChooser color to the initial color when the action is performed.
JComboBox A component that allows a user to select any item in its list and displays the selected item to the user.
JComponent The base class of all Swing components.
JDesktopPane JDesktopPane is a container (usually for JInternalFrames) that simulates a desktop.
JDialog A dialog window.
JEditorPane A powerful text editor component that can handle different types of content.
JEditorPane.PlainEditorKit An EditorKit used for plain text.
JFileChooser A component that provides the user a dialog box to browse through a filesystem and choose one or more files or directories.
JFormattedTextField A text field that makes use of a formatter to display and edit a specific type of data.
JFormattedTextField.AbstractFormatter An abstract base implementation for a formatter that can be used by a JTextField.
JFormattedTextField.AbstractFormatterFactory Delivers instances of an AbstractFormatter for a specific value type for a JFormattedTextField.
JFrame A window that supports window decorations (titlebar and borders).
JInternalFrame This class implements a Swing widget that looks and acts like a native frame.
JInternalFrame.JDesktopIcon This class represents the JInternalFrame while it is iconified.
JLabel A swing widget that displays a text message and/or an icon.
JLayeredPane A container that adds depth to the usual Container semantics.
JList This class is a facade over three separate objects: ListModel, ListSelectionModel and javax.swing.plaf.ListUI.
JMenu This class represents a menu that can be added to a menu bar or can be a submenu in some other menu.
JMenuBar JMenuBar is a container for menu's.
JMenuItem JMenuItem represents element in the menu.
JOptionPane This class creates different types of JDialogs and JInternalFrames that can ask users for input or pass on information.
JPanel An instance of JPanel can be added to a panel, frame etc
JPasswordField class JPasswordField
JPopupMenu JPopupMenu is a container that is used to display popup menu's menu items.
JPopupMenu.Separator This is the separator that can be used in popup menu.
JProgressBar The ProgressBar is a widget that displays in two modes.
JRadioButton The JRadioButton component provides a visually selectable button with mutually exclusive behaviour within a ButtonGroup.
JRadioButtonMenuItem This class represents JRadioButtonMenuItem.
JRootPane This class is where JComponents are added to.
JScrollBar The JScrollBar.
JScrollPane A component that embeds another component and enables it to be scrolled both in horizontal and vertical direction.
JSeparator The JSeparator.
JSlider A visual component that allows selection of a value within a range by adjusting a thumb in a track.
JSpinner A JSpinner is a component that displays a single value from a sequence of values, and provides a convenient means for selecting the previous and next values in the sequence.
JSpinner.DateEditor An editor class for a JSpinner that is used for displaying and editing dates (e.g.
JSpinner.DefaultEditor The base class for the editor used by the JSpinner component.
JSpinner.ListEditor A JSpinner editor used for the SpinnerListModel.
JSpinner.NumberEditor A panel containing a JFormattedTextField that is configured for displaying and editing numbers.
JSplitPane This class implements JSplitPane.
JTabbedPane This is a container for components where only one component is displayed at a given time and the displayed component can be switched by clicking on tabs.
JTable The table component, displaying information, organized in rows and columns.
JTextArea The JTextArea component provides a multi-line area for displaying and editing plain text.
JTextPane A powerful text component that supports styled content as well as embedding images and components.
JToggleButton The JToggleButton component provides a stateful button, which can be either selected or unselected.
JToggleButton.ToggleButtonModel The model handles the storage and maintenance of the state of the toggle button.
JToolBar JToolBar is a component that provides a toolbar to Swing programs.
JToolBar.Separator This is an extension of JSeparator used in toolbars.
JToolTip This class is used to display ToolTips.
JTree.EmptySelectionModel A TreeModel that does not allow anything to be selected.
JViewport _ +-------------------------------+ ...........Y1 \ | view | .
JWindow Unlike JComponent derivatives, JWindow inherits from java.awt.Window.
KeyboardManager This class maintains a mapping from top-level containers to a Hashtable.
LookAndFeel A look-and-feel controls most aspects of the appearance and operation of user interface components in javax.swing.
MenuSelectionManager This class manages current menu selectection.
OverlayLayout A layout manager that lays out the components of a container one over another.
Popup Manages a popup window that displays a Component on top of everything else.
Popup.JWindowPopup A Popup that uses a JWindow for displaying its contents.
Popup.LightweightPopup A popup that displays itself within the JLayeredPane of a JRootPane of the containment hierarchy of the owner component.
PopupFactory A factory for Popup objects.
ProgressMonitor Using this class you can easily monitor tasks where you cannot estimate the duration exactly.
ProgressMonitorInputStream An input stream with a ProgressMonitor.
RepaintManager The repaint manager holds a set of dirty regions, invalid components, and a double buffer surface.
ScrollPaneLayout ScrollPaneLayout
SizeRequirements This class calculates information about the size and position requirements of components.
SizeSequence A sequence of values that represent the dimensions (widths or heights) of some collection of items (for example, the widths of the columns in a table).
SpinnerDateModel A date model used by the JSpinner component.
SpinnerListModel An implementation of SpinnerModel which uses the values contained within a list or an array.
SpinnerNumberModel A model used by the JSpinner component.
Spring Calculates the space between component edges, that are layed out by SpringLayout.
Spring.AddSpring A Spring, that is the sum of two other Springs.
Spring.MaxSpring A Spring, that is calculated as the maximum of two Springs.
Spring.MinusSpring A Spring that is calculated as the negation of another Spring.
Spring.SimpleSpring A simple Spring, that holds constant values for min, pref and max.
SpringLayout A very flexible layout manager.
SpringLayout.Constraints The constraints that define the relationships between components.
SpringLayout.DeferredSpring The trick to SpringLayout is that the network of Springs needs to completely created before the positioning results are generated.
SwingUtilities A number of static utility functions which are useful when drawing swing components, dispatching events, or calculating regions which need painting.
SwingUtilities.OwnerFrame This frame should be used when constructing a Window/JDialog without a parent.
SwingWorker This is the 3rd version of SwingWorker (also known as SwingWorker 3), an abstract class that you subclass to perform GUI-related work in a dedicated thread.
SwingWorker.ThreadVar Class to maintain reference to current worker thread under separate synchronization control.
Timer Fires one or more action events after the specified delay.
ToolTipManager This class is responsible for the registration of JToolTips to Components and for displaying them when appropriate.
UIDefaults UIDefaults is a database where all settings and interface bindings are stored into.
UIManager Manages the current LookAndFeel and any auxiliary LookAndFeel instances.
UIManager.LookAndFeelInfo Represents the basic information about a LookAndFeel (LAF), so that a list of installed LAFs can be presented without actually loading the LAF class(es).
ViewportLayout The default layout for JViewport.

Exception Summary
UnsupportedLookAndFeelException Thrown by the UIManager.setLookAndFeel(LookAndFeel) 55 method when the specified look and feel is not supported on the current platform.