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public interface: Keymap [javadoc | source]

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A collection of bindings of KeyStrokes to actions. The bindings are basically name-value pairs that potentially resolve in a hierarchy.
Method from javax.swing.text.Keymap Summary:
addActionForKeyStroke,   getAction,   getBoundActions,   getBoundKeyStrokes,   getDefaultAction,   getKeyStrokesForAction,   getName,   getResolveParent,   isLocallyDefined,   removeBindings,   removeKeyStrokeBinding,   setDefaultAction,   setResolveParent
Method from javax.swing.text.Keymap Detail:
 public  void addActionForKeyStroke(KeyStroke key,
    Action a)
    Adds a binding to the keymap.
 public Action getAction(KeyStroke key)
    Fetches the action appropriate for the given symbolic event sequence. This is used by JTextController to determine how to interpret key sequences. If the binding is not resolved locally, an attempt is made to resolve through the parent keymap, if one is set.
 public Action[] getBoundActions()
    Fetches all of the actions defined in this keymap.
 public KeyStroke[] getBoundKeyStrokes()
    Fetches all of the keystrokes in this map that are bound to some action.
 public Action getDefaultAction()
    Fetches the default action to fire if a key is typed (i.e. a KEY_TYPED KeyEvent is received) and there is no binding for it. Typically this would be some action that inserts text so that the keymap doesn't require an action for each possible key.
 public KeyStroke[] getKeyStrokesForAction(Action a)
    Fetches the keystrokes that will result in the given action.
 public String getName()
    Fetches the name of the set of key-bindings.
 public Keymap getResolveParent()
    Fetches the parent keymap used to resolve key-bindings.
 public boolean isLocallyDefined(KeyStroke key)
    Determines if the given key sequence is locally defined.
 public  void removeBindings()
    Removes all bindings from the keymap.
 public  void removeKeyStrokeBinding(KeyStroke keys)
    Removes a binding from the keymap.
 public  void setDefaultAction(Action a)
    Set the default action to fire if a key is typed.
 public  void setResolveParent(Keymap parent)
    Sets the parent keymap, which will be used to resolve key-bindings. The behavior is unspecified if a {@code Keymap} has itself as one of its resolve parents.