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public interface: Position [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    DocumentMark, StickyPosition, WeakPosition, StickyPosition

Represents a location within a document. It is intended to abstract away implementation details of the document and enable specification of positions within the document that are capable of tracking of change as the document is edited.

A {@code Position} object points at a location between two characters. As the surrounding content is altered, the {@code Position} object adjusts its offset automatically to reflect the changes. If content is inserted or removed before the {@code Position} object's location, then the {@code Position} increments or decrements its offset, respectively, so as to point to the same location. If a portion of the document is removed that contains a {@code Position}'s offset, then the {@code Position}'s offset becomes that of the beginning of the removed region. For example, if a {@code Position} has an offset of 5 and the region 2-10 is removed, then the {@code Position}'s offset becomes 2.

{@code Position} with an offset of 0 is a special case. It never changes its offset while document content is altered.

Nested Class Summary:
public static final class  Position.Bias  A typesafe enumeration to indicate bias to a position in the model. A position indicates a location between two characters. The bias can be used to indicate an interest toward one of the two sides of the position in boundary conditions where a simple offset is ambiguous. 
Method from javax.swing.text.Position Summary:
Method from javax.swing.text.Position Detail:
 public int getOffset()
    Fetches the current offset within the document.