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public interface: TabableView [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    InlineView, LabelView, ImageLabelView, BRView, GlyphView

Interface for Views that have size dependent upon tabs.
Method from javax.swing.text.TabableView Summary:
getPartialSpan,   getTabbedSpan
Method from javax.swing.text.TabableView Detail:
 public float getPartialSpan(int p0,
    int p1)
    Determines the span along the same axis as tab expansion for a portion of the view. This is intended for use by the TabExpander for cases where the tab expansion involves aligning the portion of text that doesn't have whitespace relative to the tab stop. There is therefore an assumption that the range given does not contain tabs.
 public float getTabbedSpan(float x,
    TabExpander e)
    Determines the desired span when using the given tab expansion implementation. If a container calls this method, it will do so prior to the normal layout which would call getPreferredSpan. A view implementing this should give the same result in any subsequent calls to getPreferredSpan along the axis of tab expansion.