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public final class: AttributeList [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    java$io$Serializable, DTDConstants

This class defines the attributes of an SGML element as described in a DTD using the ATTLIST construct. An AttributeList can be obtained from the Element class using the getAttributes() method.

It is actually an element in a linked list. Use the getNext() method repeatedly to enumerate all the attributes of an element.

Field Summary
public  String name     
public  int type     
public  Vector<?> values     
public  int modifier     
public  String value     
public  AttributeList next     
static  Hashtable<Object, Object> attributeTypes    Create a hashtable of attribute types. 
 public AttributeList(String name) 
    Create an attribute list element.
 public AttributeList(String name,
    int type,
    int modifier,
    String value,
    Vector<?> values,
    AttributeList next) 
    Create an attribute list element.
Method from javax.swing.text.html.parser.AttributeList Summary:
defineAttributeType,   getModifier,   getName,   getNext,   getType,   getValue,   getValues,   name2type,   toString,   type2name
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Method from javax.swing.text.html.parser.AttributeList Detail:
 static  void defineAttributeType(String nm,
    int val) 
 public int getModifier() 
 public String getName() 
 public AttributeList getNext() 
 public int getType() 
 public String getValue() 
 public Enumeration<?> getValues() 
 public static int name2type(String nm) 
 public String toString() 
 public static String type2name(int tp)