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javax.swing.text.rtf: Javadoc index of package javax.swing.text.rtf.

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RTFScanner: Provides a scanner that scans an for tokens of the RTF syntax. This scanner is based upon the RTF specification 1.6 available at: RTF specification at MSDN
ControlWordToken: A special Token that represents a control word in RTF like '\deff0' where 'deff' is the name of the control word and '0' is an optional parameter.
RTFParser: Parses an RTF file into a javax.swing.text.Document . The parser utilizes RTFScanner .
Token: Represents a simple token that the RTFScanner can read. A simple only has a type (like LCURLY or RCURLY). More complex tokens may attach data to the token.
TextToken: A special Token that represents a piece of text in RTF.
RTFEditorKit: Provides support for RTF data for use in javax.swing.JEditorPane s.
RTFParseException: Indicates a parsing error during RTF processing.

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