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Protectable   A Protectable can be run and can throw a Throwable.  code | html
Test   Translatable version of JUnit's Test code | html
TestListener   A Listener for test progress  code | html


Assert   Translatable version of JUnit's Assert code | html
AssertionFailedError   Translatable version of JUnit's AssertionFailedError code | html
ComparisonCompactor     code | html
ComparisonFailure   Thrown when an assert equals for Strings failed.  code | html
JUnit4TestAdapter     code | html
JUnit4TestAdapterCache     code | html
JUnit4TestCaseFacade     code | html
TestCase   Translatable version of JUnit's TestCase code | html
TestFailure   A TestFailure collects a failed test together with the caught exception.  code | html
TestResult   A TestResult collects the results of executing a test case.  code | html

A TestSuite is a Composite of Tests. 

code | html
ZDateField   A junit test class for net.sourceforge.jbird.awt.DateField.  code | html
ZDateRange   A junit test class for net.sourceforge.jbird.awt.DateRange.  code | html
ZDelimitedTokenizer   A junit test class for net.sourceforge.jbird.io.DelimitedTokenizer.  code | html
ZEnteredTextField   A class for testing net.sourceforge.jbird.awt.EnteredTextField.  code | html
ZStringArrayStreamWriter   A junit test class for net.sourceforge.jbird.io.StringArrayStreamWriter.  code | html
ZTiedDateField     code | html