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public class: FontMetric [javadoc | source]
This is the outermost AFM type. This can be created by the afmparser with a valid AFM document.
 public FontMetric() 
Method from org.apache.fontbox.afm.FontMetric Summary:
addCharMetric,   addComment,   addComposite,   addKernPair,   addKernPair0,   addKernPair1,   addTrackKern,   getAFMVersion,   getAscender,   getAverageCharacterWidth,   getCapHeight,   getCharMetrics,   getCharWidth,   getCharacterHeight,   getCharacterSet,   getCharacterWidth,   getCharacters,   getComments,   getComposites,   getDescender,   getEncodingScheme,   getEscChar,   getFamilyName,   getFontBBox,   getFontName,   getFontVersion,   getFullName,   getItalicAngle,   getKernPairs,   getKernPairs0,   getKernPairs1,   getMappingScheme,   getMetricSets,   getNotice,   getStandardHorizontalWidth,   getStandardVerticalWidth,   getTrackKern,   getUnderlinePosition,   getUnderlineThickness,   getVVector,   getWeight,   getXHeight,   isBaseFont,   isFixedPitch,   isFixedV,   setAFMVersion,   setAscender,   setCapHeight,   setCharMetrics,   setCharWidth,   setCharacterSet,   setCharacters,   setComposites,   setDescender,   setEncodingScheme,   setEscChar,   setFamilyName,   setFixedPitch,   setFontBBox,   setFontName,   setFontVersion,   setFullName,   setIsBaseFont,   setIsFixedV,   setItalicAngle,   setKernPairs,   setKernPairs0,   setKernPairs1,   setMappingScheme,   setMetricSets,   setNotice,   setStandardHorizontalWidth,   setStandardVerticalWidth,   setTrackKern,   setUnderlinePosition,   setUnderlineThickness,   setVVector,   setWeight,   setXHeight
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Method from org.apache.fontbox.afm.FontMetric Detail:
 public  void addCharMetric(CharMetric metric) 
    This will add another character metric.
 public  void addComment(String comment) 
    This will add a new comment.
 public  void addComposite(Composite composite) 
    This will add a single composite part to the picture.
 public  void addKernPair(KernPair kernPair) 
    This will add a kern pair.
 public  void addKernPair0(KernPair kernPair) 
    This will add a kern pair.
 public  void addKernPair1(KernPair kernPair) 
    This will add a kern pair.
 public  void addTrackKern(TrackKern kern) 
    This will add another track kern.
 public float getAFMVersion() 
    This will get the version of the AFM document.
 public float getAscender() 
    Getter for property ascender.
 public float getAverageCharacterWidth() throws IOException 
    This will get the average width of a character.
 public float getCapHeight() 
    Getter for property capHeight.
 public List<CharMetric> getCharMetrics() 
    Getter for property charMetrics.
 public float[] getCharWidth() 
    Getter for property charWidth.
 public float getCharacterHeight(String name) throws IOException 
    This will get the width of a character.
 public String getCharacterSet() 
    Getter for property characterSet.
 public float getCharacterWidth(String name) throws IOException 
    This will get the width of a character.
 public int getCharacters() 
    Getter for property characters.
 public List<String> getComments() 
    This will get all comments.
 public List<Composite> getComposites() 
    Getter for property composites.
 public float getDescender() 
    Getter for property descender.
 public String getEncodingScheme() 
    Getter for property encodingScheme.
 public int getEscChar() 
    Getter for property escChar.
 public String getFamilyName() 
    Getter for property familyName.
 public BoundingBox getFontBBox() 
    Getter for property fontBBox.
 public String getFontName() 
    Getter for property fontName.
 public String getFontVersion() 
    Getter for property fontVersion.
 public String getFullName() 
    Getter for property fullName.
 public float getItalicAngle() 
    Getter for property italicAngle.
 public List<KernPair> getKernPairs() 
    Getter for property kernPairs.
 public List<KernPair> getKernPairs0() 
    Getter for property kernPairs0.
 public List<KernPair> getKernPairs1() 
    Getter for property kernPairs1.
 public int getMappingScheme() 
    Getter for property mappingScheme.
 public int getMetricSets() 
    This will get the metricSets attribute.
 public String getNotice() 
    Getter for property notice.
 public float getStandardHorizontalWidth() 
    Getter for property standardHorizontalWidth.
 public float getStandardVerticalWidth() 
    Getter for property standardVerticalWidth.
 public List<TrackKern> getTrackKern() 
    Getter for property trackKern.
 public float getUnderlinePosition() 
    Getter for property underlinePosition.
 public float getUnderlineThickness() 
    Getter for property underlineThickness.
 public float[] getVVector() 
    Getter for property vVector.
 public String getWeight() 
    Getter for property weight.
 public float getXHeight() 
    Getter for property xHeight.
 public boolean isBaseFont() 
    Getter for property isBaseFont.
 public boolean isFixedPitch() 
    Getter for property isFixedPitch.
 public boolean isFixedV() 
    Getter for property isFixedV.
 public  void setAFMVersion(float afmVersionValue) 
    This will set the version of the AFM document.
 public  void setAscender(float ascenderValue) 
    Setter for property ascender.
 public  void setCapHeight(float capHeightValue) 
    Setter for property capHeight.
 public  void setCharMetrics(List<CharMetric> charMetricsValue) 
    Setter for property charMetrics.
 public  void setCharWidth(float[] charWidthValue) 
    Setter for property charWidth.
 public  void setCharacterSet(String characterSetValue) 
    Setter for property characterSet.
 public  void setCharacters(int charactersValue) 
    Setter for property characters.
 public  void setComposites(List<Composite> compositesList) 
    Setter for property composites.
 public  void setDescender(float descenderValue) 
    Setter for property descender.
 public  void setEncodingScheme(String encodingSchemeValue) 
    Setter for property encodingScheme.
 public  void setEscChar(int escCharValue) 
    Setter for property escChar.
 public  void setFamilyName(String familyNameValue) 
    Setter for property familyName.
 public  void setFixedPitch(boolean isFixedPitchValue) 
    Setter for property isFixedPitch.
 public  void setFontBBox(BoundingBox bBox) 
    Setter for property fontBBox.
 public  void setFontName(String name) 
    Setter for property fontName.
 public  void setFontVersion(String fontVersionValue) 
    Setter for property fontVersion.
 public  void setFullName(String fullNameValue) 
    Setter for property fullName.
 public  void setIsBaseFont(boolean isBaseFontValue) 
    Setter for property isBaseFont.
 public  void setIsFixedV(boolean isFixedVValue) 
    Setter for property isFixedV.
 public  void setItalicAngle(float italicAngleValue) 
    Setter for property italicAngle.
 public  void setKernPairs(List<KernPair> kernPairsList) 
    Setter for property kernPairs.
 public  void setKernPairs0(List<KernPair> kernPairs0List) 
    Setter for property kernPairs0.
 public  void setKernPairs1(List<KernPair> kernPairs1List) 
    Setter for property kernPairs1.
 public  void setMappingScheme(int mappingSchemeValue) 
    Setter for property mappingScheme.
 public  void setMetricSets(int metricSetsValue) 
    This will set the metricSets attribute. This value must be 0,1, or 2.
 public  void setNotice(String noticeValue) 
    Setter for property notice.
 public  void setStandardHorizontalWidth(float standardHorizontalWidthValue) 
    Setter for property standardHorizontalWidth.
 public  void setStandardVerticalWidth(float standardVerticalWidthValue) 
    Setter for property standardVerticalWidth.
 public  void setTrackKern(List<TrackKern> trackKernValue) 
    Setter for property trackKern.
 public  void setUnderlinePosition(float underlinePositionValue) 
    Setter for property underlinePosition.
 public  void setUnderlineThickness(float underlineThicknessValue) 
    Setter for property underlineThickness.
 public  void setVVector(float[] vVectorValue) 
    Setter for property vVector.
 public  void setWeight(String weightValue) 
    Setter for property weight.
 public  void setXHeight(float xHeightValue) 
    Setter for property xHeight.