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public class: CFFOperator [javadoc | source]
This class represents a CFF operator.
Nested Class Summary:
public static class  CFFOperator.Key  This class is a holder for a key value. It consists of one or two bytes. 
Method from org.apache.fontbox.cff.CFFOperator Summary:
equals,   getKey,   getName,   getOperator,   getOperator,   hashCode,   toString
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Method from org.apache.fontbox.cff.CFFOperator Detail:
 public boolean equals(Object object) 
 public Key getKey() 
    The key of the operator.
 public String getName() 
    The name of the operator.
 public static CFFOperator getOperator(Key key) 
    Returns the operator corresponding to the given key.
 public static CFFOperator getOperator(String name) 
    Returns the operator corresponding to the given name.
 public int hashCode() 
 public String toString()